Sally Griffin
Family Law Practitioner & CSA Review Office

“I hear men’s stories every week, both as a family lawyer, but more as a practitioner hearing child support appeals. My experience as a guest-presenter for the Legal Issues session in two groups has, I believe, been mutually beneficial. My intent was to say “Hey, you’re not forgotten” and “There may be a better way of playing your cards within the legal world”. However, what I took away with me was inspiration. Here was a group of men that could come out of the separation crisis facing probably the most vulnerable parts of themselves and actual find a meaningful way of coming to terms with it. This step, to a positive sense of well-being, I found to be more than encouraging; I found it be a real and tangible step towards the evolution of a more loving community - both for men and women - and isn’t that what we all want?? So yes, I am a great advocate of MENDS.”