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MENDS is currently undergoing a full rebrand, restructure and conversion of course material to cater for a larger more diverse, and geographically spread audience. Due to the ongoing Covid situation, MENDS will soon be available for National Access, rather than just the South East Corner of Qld.


The materials, resources and access to the trained facilitators will be via an online 12 week course done in the privacy of your own home, work place or any computer access area you may require. The course material will also be available via the app and mobile device compatible. 

It is anticipated that the NEW full MENDS course will be available late in 2021

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Several initiatives have already commenced and will include further training, marketing and managerial changes. This will involve a systematic transition of the National 1300  363361  telephone line, website, and day-to-day operations to a Committee of Management. No significant disruption to the existing services should occur. Program graduates and all persons on our existing database will be regularly contacted to offer timely updates and notice of opportunities as they arise.




Men Exploring New Directional Strategies (MENDS) is a 12-week program designed to address men’s needs during or after separation or significant relationship change.

It is a practical program based on commonly accepted psychology principles, covering topics around separation, including

* emotional issues

* physical and health effects

* rights and responsibilities

It is often thought that problems (and solutions) during separation are exclusively legal. While it does play a part, MENDS recognises the wider concerns men may experience. 

Held in small group sessions of 10 – 12 men, participants also find friendship and positive association with other men going through a similar experience to themselves.

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