Training for professionals working with men in relationship crises.

Presented by Owen C. Pershouse & Tony Christie
Sponsored by MNA. Inc (a non-for-profit organization)

Workshop Description

The training is designed as a practical “how-to” adjunct to the therapy manual MENDS: A Structured Approach to Assisting Men in Relationship Crisis (Australian Academic Press). Research has confirmed that men fare poorly in several measurable areas after a relationship breakdown and appear to take longer to reconstitute healthy and productive lifestyles after separation or divorce. The workshop aims to upskill in ways to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as contain anger and enhance client self-judgments and sense of wellbeing. Valid and practical information, along with effective methods of enabling clients self-auditing, planning and progress evaluation are offered.

The therapeutic approach essentially adopts a structured, psycho-educational, and multidisciplinary forum for clients to address areas of psychological well-being, physical health, legal, social issues, and relationships. Importantly, this approach focuses on the male experience of key transition issues that occur during separation or relationship crisis, in order to help participants develop a personal and practical “map and compass”.

“... The largest and most unacknowledged mental health risk in Australia today is among recently separated and divorced men. No group of comparable size is at higher risk for suicide, or for violence, depression or addictions.”

Steve Biddulph
Author of Manhood, Raising Boys & The Secret of Happy Children


Basic Level Training — $350.00
Advanced Level Training — TBA (MENDS Manual included)
Catering provided includes: Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea at the venue

DATE: November 2018
VENUE: Hotel Urban Brisbane – 345 Wickham Tce, Spring Hill Q 4000

NB: 6.5 hours of Generalist and Specialist PD points available for each Workshop

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MENDS Now Australia (MNA) Inc. has been incorporated as a not-for-profit entity and will be systematically assuming management of theMENDS program. This is an exciting opportunity to transition MENDS to a national (and progressively international) stage for the group and Internet program formats, thereby offering the proven benefits to many more clients. Several initiatives have already commenced and will include further training, marketing and managerial changes. This will involve a systematic transition of the National 1300  363361  telephone line, website, and day-to-day operations to a Committee of Management. No significant disruption to the existing services should occur. Program graduates and all persons on our existing database will be regularly contacted to offer timely updates and notice of opportunities as they arise.


Yours faithfully,
MNA Inc. Committee


Owen Pershouse - Chairman
Catherine Burchill - Vice-chair
Joseph Crowley - Secretary
Margaret Martin - Treasurer
Tony Christie - Committee member 



Men Exploring New Directional Strategies (MENDS) is a 12-week program designed to address men’s needs during or after separation or significant relationship change.

It is a practical program based on commonly accepted psychology principles, covering topics around separation, including

* emotional issues

* physical and health effects

* rights and responsibilities


It is often thought that problems (and solutions) during separation are exclusively legal. While it does play a part, MENDS recognises the wider concerns men may experience. 


Held in small group sessions of 10 – 12 men, participants also find friendship and positive association with other men going through a similar experience to themselves.

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Well-known journalist, Bettina Arndt is researching financial mismatch in the older dating world, looking at the number of older women who have more assets/income than the men. She’s interested in talking to older men (over 50) who are single and dating about their experiences, particularly how their financial situation impacts on their dating prospects.  Please contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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