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The following are testimonials from men that have experienced the MENDS program first-hand.

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  Springwood, Queensland

"Unfortunately in this country there is little, if any, support for men in need when a crisis or major situation arises such as divorce.

For over 2 ½ years I tried a Do-It-Yourself divorce recovery, and at the end of this time there occurred a major upheaval beyond my control & I realized that I could not do it by myself any longer.

In my opinion, recovery from a major set back such as divorce requires input from other TRAINED people. Following the break-up of any marriage or long term relationship, in my opinion it is essential to complete a recovery program before even thinking of future relationships, in order to address problems & try to eliminate taking excess baggage into any future relationships.

Completion of the MENDS program helps to identify & hopefully eliminate the merry-go-round whereby people repeat the same errors over & over again.

The MENDS program is effective & I would recommend it ASAP after separation.

Kind regards and best wishes, & never give up hope!!"

Keith Blayden

Sydney - NSW

"To those men contemplating their future after marital separation I offer my comments on the MENDS course as a recent graduate.

12 months ago, at age 42, I found myself out of my home and separated from my wife and two children after 19 years of marriage. I knew that our relationship wasn't well. I was asked to leave and I went.

I endured six weeks of distress, confusion, denial etc. before I found the MENDS program.

I attended the information session and decided to sign up. In the program I discovered a place that I could express my hurt, anger and fears amongst other men in similar circumstances without judgement or criticism.

The facilitated structure of the course allowed for a natural progression through my worst feelings towards feelings of hope and future. The course gave me a sense of perspective and direction that had been torn away from me by our separation.

I returned to my marriage 3 months after the separation. It lasted 8 months, then again we have separated. The program has enabled me to feel more comfortable about myself and singleness and to move away from co-dependency towards independency.

MENDS provided me with hope, direction and friendship. I recommend the MENDS course without reservation."


Greg McKelvey


"What can I say except that MENDS works. I'm grateful for my friend who had to twist my arm to go along to a MENDS information session. I didn't really want to, but I found it so different to what I expected. I looked forward to each of the sessions and nearly all of them related directly to me personally. I'd recommend to any separated man without reservation."

Angelo P.

"Twelve weeks made such a difference! Like a lot of separated men, I thought I could get through it all the same way I had survived other difficult periods of my life; by basically toughing it out. "

"It wasn't until I really got into the MENDS program that I realised how self-destructive I was being, and how I used my kids to deal with my grief and losses. The program really helped me find out who I really was and to stop pretending to be someone else. Thanks guys!"

Jack B


"The MENDS program offered me hope and delivered me a new life. It showed me a way out of how I was feeling. I was stuck in a crazy emotional space that was eating me up. The course content provided me with the right information and support at just the right time. The association with other men made me realise that I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing.The facilitators were great and helped me look at myself properly. The whole experience definitely changed me for the better. I personally owe a lot to the MENDS program."

"The facilitators were great and helped me look at myself properly. The whole experience definitely changed me for the better. I personally owe a lot to the MENDS program."

Nick B.


"I would recommend MENDS because in my group, nine very different people all had very tangible - palpable- positive changes. Strength in support from other men."

Dr. M.


"An impact on me that will make a difference for the rest of my life. I know my future relationships will have a better chance of survival."

David W.

"Benefits are enormous. Self growth, development of self-esteem, learned to love myself. Ownership of how to change in relationship, new friendships and the comfort of not being Robinson Crusoe."

Ian F.

"It was much more informative and helpful than I originally imagined."

"I didn't expect the structured info, nor that people have made a "scientific" study of the dynamics of separating from a man's perspective."

"The relevance of some of the hand-out notes have had a powerful impact on me."

"It gives you the opportunity to step back a pace from the day to day emotional turmoil that a lot of us are in."

"Calmer and accepting that I can deal with my own emotions and processes and those of my ex-partner."

"The thing that had the most impact for me was finding others in the same predicament and drawing strength from that and discussing different strategies to deal with problems."

"Now I more easily accept my own situation- see a lot of positives, gained some needed wisdom in dealing with my ex-wife, especially the legal matters."

"The big thing for me was some of the "off the cuff" comments made by the facilitators."

"I was feeling depressed and having trouble just getting on with my life, but without really knowing why. It has shown me that it is possible to change the way I have perceived myself over the last few years."

"The group leader was authoritative in a concerned, friendly way. He gave me a sense of security in the group and has helped start me on the road to exploring myself."

"Discussion with other men of similar problems eases the frustration of being alone and unheard."

"I found it to be more self-examination than I expected, I was surprised that this was exactly what I needed."

"The MENDS program has turned out to be different than I expected - yes, much better than could have been envisaged. An enriching, wonderful experience."

"Its mandatory for emotional and personal growth, creates opportunities for personal growth and a good future for the whole family."

"People notice I am more relaxed. My partner is very impressed with my focus."

"I'm much more sensitive to the needs of my son. An excellent support group at a time when I needed it most."

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