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MENDS Now Australia (MNA) Inc. has been incorporated as a not-for-profit entity and will be systematically assuming management of theMENDS program. This is an exciting opportunity to transition MENDS to a national (and progressively international) stage for the group and Internet program formats, thereby offering the proven benefits to many more clients. Several initiatives have already commenced and will include further training, marketing and managerial changes. This will involve a systematic transition of the National 1300  363361 telephone line, website, and day-to-day operations to a Committee of Management. No significant disruption to the existing services should occur. Program graduates and all persons on our existing database will be regularly contacted to offer timely updates and notice of opportunities as they arise.
Yours faithfully,
MNA Inc. Committee
Owen Pershouse - Chairman
Catherine Burchill - Vice-chair
Joseph Crowley - Secretary
Margaret Martin - Treasurer
Tony Christie - Committee member
William Schoenmaker - Committee member


The information session is free to attend and aims to give you an introduction to the MENDS program. We encourage you to attend if you:


* Want to know your legal rights and responsibilities

* Feel you've lost your family, friends, house and more

* Find yourself alone, stuck or just confused a lot

* Hide your true feelings and need a safe place to reveal them

* Want to know how to be the best dad for your kids right now

* Want your next (or reinvent your current) relationship to work better ….

To get a brochure or to simply find out more about MENDS, call:

1300 363 361 or (07) 3359 6633

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