The MENDS Team


This page profiles the men whose vision and commitment has brought the MENDS program to the Australian community. Geoff Price also played a part in MENDS from 1998-2001, but has since left to pursue other interests.


Owen and Daryl have a vision for MENDS that is informed by explicit values, which is expressed in the MENDS Values Statement.



The MENDS Executive Team


Owen Pershouse


Owen is a clinical and forensic psychologist and full member of the College of Forensic Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society; a Regulation 8 Officer under the Family Law Act and in private practice in Brisbane .


Owen Pershouse

He has worked as a Court Counsellor in the Family Court of Australia, Brisbane and as a psychologist and Programs Manager and consultant in various custodial settings.


His current practice includes work as a consultant to Government and private providers of correctional services; mainly in the areas of specialised program design, delivery and evaluation.


Owen is the principal architect and part of the National executive of the MENDS program for separated men. He is keenly interested in assisting pro-social transitions for marital breakdowns.


He maintains a strong commitment to those processes that assist a retention of positive relationships between separated fathers and their children.


Much of the impetus to create the program came out of his personal experience of a marriage demise: where he was stunned that in spite of his expert knowledge of the area of family relations and his long experience working in the area, that the extent of the emotional impact exceeded his expectations.


At that point he was able to draw on extensive holistic program development experience to design what had not been done before in this critical area.



Daryl Sturgess


Daryl's professional background includes advertising, the military, sales/marketing, and wholesaling. His current work outside MENDS includes: Business Process Mapping, facilitation of personal and group prioritization and planning. He has managed two of Australia 's top time and life management companies. Daryl is a co-developer in the MENDS executive team; having been involved in the production of course materials since 1996.

Owen Pershouse

A variety of personal experiences strongly sensitized him to the acute needs the MENDS program addresses. A happily married father of 4 adult children and grandparent to several grandchildren, Daryl had his own 'baptism of fire' when his marriage tripped along the edge of 'the precipice', to come back much stronger after plenty of work , some skills development and some fundamental reviews of beliefs around gender roles. When Owen conceived the idea of the program and created the design in 1996, he and Owen were able to build upon a long and strong foundation of successful psycho-educational programs together, plus a personal relationship that went back to the early 70s.


Daryl has been involved in men's work since the early 90s; he was active in NSW Men's Health and Wellbeing Association in its early days. Daryl was on committee, regularly participating in the range of workshops organised by MHWA - NSW and on the organising committee for ANZ Men's Leadership Gathering 1998 in NSW. He has since relocated to Brisbane where he regularly facilitates programs and has played a primary role in organising post-MENDS peer-support men's groups (PMGs).


Daryl is now at Integrated Level in the MENDS Facilitator Progressive Development Model having run groups for many years. He regularly runs groups in Brisbane and plays an active role in Facilitator Training.

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